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Tub Replacement Doesn't Have to Be Difficult

You may be thinking, "Sure, I'd love to just install a bath fitter over my existing tub in one day and move on, but what about the cracks
in the tub, the broken tile, the deficient caulking, and years of mildew? I don't want to ignore those problems."

Yes, in extreme cases of tub or shower damage and rot, a tub replacement or shower replacement may be more appropriate. Use your own judgment. If you are not sure, you can ask the tub replacement professional when he or she visits your home for your free estimate.

Cheaper Than Renovation

Everyone knows that just a tub or shower replacement won't fully transform a worn out bathroom into a stunning, modern bathroom. There are other parts of your bathroom that need to be updated as well.

If only we could convince bacteria and mildew only to attack the tub and leave the walls alone. Unfortunately, that's not the case.

Tile that is discolored, cracked, and stained beyond cleansing, also needs replacing. The old tile has to be hammered off, the walls fixed and prepped, and then the new tile can be installed. This process can add thousands of dollars to your receipt.

For bathroom renovations, we provide a bathtub replacement and shower replacement that cost less than a traditional bath renovation. This is because our wall installations, tubs, and shower bases fit over and around existing tile and plumbing, eliminating expensive and messy demolition.

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